Warning for those who park at the Covenant Life Church on Freemans Common

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Warning for those who park at the Covenant Life Church on Freemans Common

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I've just recevied a £100 from a company called 'Civil Enforcement' for parking on the above site for the Quins game. I usually park either here or more commonly at the MS Therapy Centre.

I did notice this time that the steward asked me to enter my car reg rather than them doing it, but according to Civil Enforcement:
'you have said that you did enter your registration number in the touch screen, it is
clear from our fully audited trail that this is not the case. There were many registration numbers entered
during the timescale that your vehicle was in the car park and yours was not one of them neither was
there any similar entry'

As far as I am aware and at the very most I may have mis-typed the reg (my daughter who was with me thinks not) or perhaps the entry was not submitted - the former being more likely than the latter - but apparently not according to Civil Enforcement.

The stupid thing is that the ANPR system in operation is clearly not relevant on match days where the Church along with other companies freely hand over their car parks to the MS Society and parking is controlled by their stewards.

I contacted the Therapy Centre and they said this is not the first time that this is happened and in the past they have paid the fines, which is possibly why they now ask the car owners to input their details rather than them. They very kindly offered me free parking up to the amount of the fine (which is £60 if you pay within the first 14 days otherwise £100), but I have politely refused that as I don't see why they should be out of pocket for what is either my fault or a system fault.

I have yet to contact the Church, but I thought I'd post a warning to folks to be extra careful if you do ever use that area (I will not be from now on) and also to ask whether any others amongst you have fallen foul of this?
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