Cockerill - blame the hierarchy

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Re: Cockerill - blame the hierarchy

Post by NONAME » Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:36 am

Re previous comments...Totally agree and the sooner we show those players who are not prepared to put a shift in the door, the better.

This problem started when the players went to the board and demanded RC be sacked. The board should have ignored the request and immediately begun looking for replacements. To give the players such power was a huge mistake. No individual is bigger than the club. In the dressing room this caused considerable discontent as not everyone wanted AM to be put in charge. Ultimately AM was shown the door and the farce continued with the appointment of MOC.

The players have never bonded as a team due to the deep divisions that now exist and its noticeable that as new signings are made they tend to be the players putting a shift in. How refreshing to see a 15 attacking the opposition at speed, one of the brighter moments in the Bristol disaster.

So where to next..GM to be made DOR and a World Class Coach to come in.

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