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Re: What day this week will they announce Murphys sacking ?

Post by sam16111986 » Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:56 pm

If Murphy were to go who should the board be flying in by the end of the week. Presumably we aren't going to get someone from another AP club so we're looking at Borthwick or a coach working overseas.

Is Borthwick the answer? Got a good reputation as a coach but is he the man to lead the club, does he need a DOR above him?

Can we tempt a big name like Chieka or Smith in? Chieka is out of work but won't be cheap and is being linked with a move to Montpellier next summer. Wayne Smith is the DOR of the Japanese champions the Wild Knights, it's a pretty good gig.

Who else is there Wessels or Gibson, has rebuilt poor sides into respectable operations but both were much smaller than Tigers particularly in expectation and didn't really drive the Waratahs on respectively. Take a punt on someone like Matt Proudfoot (SA forwards coach). Tony Brown has a deal to go to the Highlanders as an assistant but we might be able to get in and offer him something bigger and convince him to change his mind, the Japanese attack was pretty good after all.

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Re: Dear Murphs

Post by wellstiger » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:05 pm

None as yet has been able to turn this group of individually great talent into a great TEAM.
I believe the mindset has to change. Old Tiger coaching ,( Boris exempted) ,has to change to fresh outside the club ideas.

The old rugby set piece still stands - however -loosing the lineout and stupid kicking without finding running forwards or touch is killing our game.
The Youngs brothers have to move on for the sake of the club. Good servants they were. But they are killing the game for us.
Ford had a bad day ( no front foot rugby), but he was the shinning light last season
Like wendy ball -0 if players have a shoe in on the team sheet, for club and country, they go stale. White is not quite there yet
but should be pushing Ben and looking at developing his all round game.

If as stated Ford Snr goes Fiji, Another coach is in the wings -Borthwick and/or +1 then we have to move quickly or face Championship Rugby. :smt022

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