January 2012 - a response to sapajo, and very timely now!

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January 2012 - a response to sapajo, and very timely now!

Post by jgriffin » Sun Dec 31, 2017 5:45 pm

"A wise post, Sapajo

I did not think that RC should go. I still think - as I have done for nearly two seasons - that MOC just isn't good enough. RC needs people who are competent. In my cups last night I even shuddered at the thought of RC resigning and MOC remaining. :smt009
But this is the beginning of the end for RC unless some miracle occurs.
I reached the end of my tether against Wasps when our backs were running slow circle ball and the Wasps defence just stood off and waited for the lateral messing about to finish, then picked the ball carrier off without the gain line being breached.
I watched Leinster/Glasgow today and saw more moves in five minutes than I have seen from Tigers all season. Both sides ran from depth onto the ball at angles and created gaps.
We have a lot of talented players, some great players, and some real talent coming through. I don't think the players lack passion, I think some may have lost faith in the coaching and tactics, and that the cracks are showing on the field in loss of confidence.

This is NOT moaning, but despairing."
I posted this in Jan 2012 at the height of my despair over MOC in particular.
Could this post be applied now -YES!
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