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Jimmy Skitz
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Re: Harry Thacker

Post by Jimmy Skitz » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:18 pm

someone convince Harry that he should do a reverse Tom Youngs and move to the Centres, at least for the remainder of the season

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Re: Harry Thacker

Post by sam16111986 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:11 pm

BFG wrote:
kornboy130 wrote:
BFG wrote:I really must be watching a different game to most others!
I thought he cost us the game with a shockingly poor pass that gifted Wasps possession that Cole ended up being carded from.
Not a perfect performance I'd agree but he showed touches of class for someone so young - a good fend, footwork, outside break, generally good handling and bravery and technique in defence.

There was a point yesterday where we had Thacker, Worth and Evans on the field at once and all were doing a creditable job and showing signs of some future class to come - when was the last time the future of the club looked academy driven and so bright? potentially not since Ben Youngs, Cole, Manu and Croft started coming on to the scene - that's a big positive for me strategically moving forward, whilst the result was ultimately disappointing.
The young backs don't quite have the gas, an area nothing will change in now.
Their attacking prowess has been very limited so far.
Much of your post is made up, I haven't seen all of those attributes in a successful sense.
Was it brave to toss a wild pass into thin air under pressure, didn't want the responsibility, that was more a sign that the ability wasn't present to deal with the situation as was required!
There was a lot of space beyond the final defender. In theory the pass was on, in actuality it was a bit optimistic. I'd rather not slam young players for trying to be adventurous in attack. Academy guys making their AP debuts will make mistakes, it's how they gain experience and improve. I'm much less concerned by Thacker's over ambitious loopy pass than I am by Owen Williams pulling out of a tackle that leads to a try.

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