Pitch size for Sunday

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Pitch size for Sunday

Post by loretta » Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:28 pm

City ground pitch width is given on line as 78 yards, i.e. 71.3 m. A little narrower than that given for Saints on another thread. This is, presumably, a maximum. Given that it'll be marked out especially for our match, and that we are accustomed to a narrow pitch, who gets to choose where the lines go?

I've had a look and found that the ERC website refers only to World Rugby laws, where you find law 1.2a, Dimensions. The field of play does not exceed 100 metres in length. Each in-goal does not exceed 22 metres in length. The playing area does not exceed 70 metres in width.

and b. The length and breadth of the playing area are to be as near as possible to the dimensions indicated.

but also
(e)The perimeter area should not be less than 5 metres where practicable.

That "where practicable" seems to give a lot of leeway.
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