Cockers: Jones has no chance with central contracts!

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Cockers: Jones has no chance with central contracts!

Post by fleabane » Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:29 pm

ESPN Staff
Richard Cockerill: Eddie Jones has no chance with central contracts

Leicester Tigers boss Richard Cockerill says there is no chance of central contracts happening "in our lifetime" as Eddie Jones settles into his new post as England's head coach.

Jones, talking to ESPN prior to taking the job, said the greatest task facing England's new boss is the need for central contracts. "How can you manage your players when they are controlled by other organisations?" Jones said eight days prior to him being unveiled as England's new supremo.

But Cockerill says there is little chance of the RFU introducing central contracts any time soon. "He can talk about central contracts all he wants," Cockerill said in the Guardian. "But it ain't going to happen in our lifetimes."

Cockerill believes Jones is "the right man" for England and says "you can't misread Eddie".

"He'll have to get used to working with the clubs and the restrictions in and around that," Cockerill
added. "Notwithstanding that, England have more access to players than ever and there's a good enough group to be successful. A little bit of entertainment along the way, no doubt, between clubs and country - and you guys [the media] and him will be interesting!

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