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Re: Tigers v Ospreys

Post by Kinoulton » Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:44 am

I agree with Barson that we should be angry at this result.

It was an official fixture, the result will stand for ever and ever, and the record books won't carry a little footnote saying "by the way it doesn't matter, as Tigers didn't put a full side out".

The result stands and it's abysmal.

However, I wouldn't personally criticise any of the individual players thrown into a team that looked weak on paper and proved to be so.

I've been in weak sides where we've been asked to take on superior opposition, and if you're surrounded by players who are not quite up to it, then try as you might, you can still end up looking like a plum.
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Re: Tigers v Ospreys

Post by norfolkexpat » Sun Nov 14, 2010 4:45 pm

Barson and Kinoulton are 100% correct

We are all Tigers supporters and the embarrassing play served up by certain players on Friday proves they have no right to wear the Tigers colours

Lots of emotive posts show Members are split defending the Friday Team's performance and the rest of us who realise the Club are on a loser treating/expecting Members to travel to be served up this awful rubbish.
And continue to buy season tickets...

Unfortunately as we are now guaranteed losers if we play away on a Friday night and seemingly most Saturdays --supporters are not going to sacrifice the best part of £100 travelling when a loss is a virtual certainty.

Which brings me back to the abject purchases made recently--these players are just journeymen, not fit to wear a 1st XV shirt-----this hype about the Salary Cap is just a smokescreen .

The season can still be resuscitated. But we need to rekindle that steel core ,

Bill W (2)
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Re: Tigers v Ospreys

Post by Bill W (2) » Sun Nov 14, 2010 4:55 pm

norfolkexpat wrote:The season can still be resuscitated. But we need to rekindle that steel core ,
KEEP THE FAITH norfolkexpat. The Cavalry return shortly!!
Still keeping the faith!

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Re: Tigers v Ospreys

Post by butler8 » Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:45 pm

i think the phrase 'the season can still be resuscitated' sums it all up perfectly ... at just how badly some people are exaggerating the current losing streak!
the first was away at gloucester which bearing in mind we've lost all our away games in the league can be some what expected. two were in the LV which i will fully admit the sooner we are out of the better and the other was against an international XV some of which were present on the bench for the first team yesterday.
so although i fully understand the comments about quality of performance and deserving to be fit to wear the shirt surely the bigger picture is we had 4 players out with england who were the steel core of how well they played and before the hideous season threatening 4 game losing run (can you feel the sarcasm!!) we'd beaten treviso away and were stunning at home against the scarlets!
considering the injuries and call ups i think we are very well positioned to compete for BOTH the major competitions we are still entered in!
if that proves not to be the case in may i'll be the first to get on the moany groany bandwagon!

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